Fall 2020

CE/MSE  790 Seminar

MSE 725 Solidification and Crystal Growth

CHE 450 Techniques of Process Design Economics and Safety


Spring 2020

CE/MSE  790 Seminar

MSE 430/630 Phase Transformations and Kinetics

MSE 102 Introduction to Metallurgical Engineering

Fall 2019

CE/MSE  790 Seminar 

Spring 2019

MSE 430/630 Phase Transformations and Kinetics

Fall 2018

MSE 725 Solidification and Crystal Growth

General Information


Instructor:      Dr. Leslie T. Mushongera

Office:            LMR 466

Phone:            (775) 682-6879





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SimVis & Inspire (SVI) outreach program


With this in mind, the SimVis & Inspire (SVI) outreach program aims to Inspire African American high school students to join materials science and engineering through interesting computational materials simulations and visualizations in the PI’s lab. Studies have shown that students exposed to science at an early age tend to stay interested in the subject, thereby leading them to join college STEM programs. The SVI program will engage the high school students in modeling and scientific explanation through exploring how the unseen world of atomic, microscopic and macroscopic level interactions and energy transformations are responsible for much of what we observe around us. Using computational modeling, students will be able to get interesting insights and answers in simple interfacial phenomena in materials and nature. The PI’s lab will build a modeling tool that will allow the students to easily create and test their own models without the need for programming or writing equations. The tools will shortly be available on this website so that students can easily access the tools.

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