Current Research Projects:


Modeling of Microstructure-property Relationships in Additively Manufactured Alloys

This work will provide a generic computation-based path towards the prediction of microstructure property relations in AM metals and alloys using phase field modeling and crystal plasticity finite element modeling.

Understanding the Structure-Property Relations in Cu-Nb Multilayered Nanocomposites using Atomistic Simulations

The goal is to utilize molecular dynamic simulations to study the uniaxial (tension and compression) and biaxial (tension-tension, tension-compression, and compression-compression) mechanical response of Cu-Nb multilayered nanocomposites under extremes of strain rate. 

Molecular Dynamics study on multilayers_

Multimodal and Multiscale Data-driven Quantification of Micromechanical Metrics for Location-specific Fatigue Microcracking

The goal of this research is to identify and quantify the governing micromechanical crack initiation driving force metrics for fatigue crack nucleation in metals with high stacking fault energies

Manufacturing of  High Strength Nanocrystalline Metals 

The goal of this project is to design and establish a manufacturing approach that addresses the technological limitations of the manufacturing approach for lightweight metals based on theoretical predictions.


Multi-objective Optimization of CALPHAD and Empirical Models to Discover  Metallic Glasses for High Temperature Applications

The goal of this project is to design new metallic glasses for high-temperature applications.

Computational Modeling of the Stability of Pure Metal Claddings in Chloride Molten Salts 

The goal of this project is to perform thermodynamic/kinetic modeling and phase field modeling to evaluate the compatibility of pure metal claddings with chloride salts.


Optimization of Ni-Nb-Zr Amorphous Membranes for Hydrogen Separation

The goal of this project is to develop Ni-based amorphous alloys for hydrogen permeation membranes.